Harem Cult Episode 2

Harem Cult Episode 2

Poison and malice called sex.
The resistance forces are engaged in an information warfare against the small villain who spreads in the school and the student organization who divides the place.
In this world, everyone has a back face.
* This work uses in-motion technology to create a world view that can only be experienced in comics.

“Harlem Cult 3: punish your crime”
The “Student Organization Inside School” that divides the private school, and the instructor, Mashiro Ringo, who claims to be an informant and a collaborator of the “punisher” who is hostile to it.
Mashiro invites Tatsumi, who was selected as another collaborator on Hatorijima, to an adult class.
Teachers and students mix in the counseling room of the school without shame or hearing.

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